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Informativa sulla Privacy dell'APP - Calendario

Venezia 17/04/2020

“ – Calendario” (the App) is a web interface app that runs on user’s and uses Google Calendar Application Program Interface (API) Services. is a psychologist marketplace where clients can make reservations for appointment with the psychologist or psychoterapist.
The Owner of service is:

CePoSS Società Cooperativa Sociale
Venezia – 30174

The appointments booked could be view on the Calendar for manage them in the better way

The App, allow the user to sync the appointments data from Calendar to Google Calendar.

By using The App you also agree to the Terms and Service Agreement and Privacy Policy

How We Access Your Data

CePoSS Società Cooperativa Sociale has obtained authorized client credentials for the App to access Google Calendar data via Google Calendar API Services. CePoSS Società Cooperativa Sociale keeps these credentials confidential.

In order to access Google Calendar API Services, the App uses the following URLs:


How We Use Your Data

The App, while running on user’s account, is requesting the following Google user data:

  • Data associated with Google account
    • the end user’s email address – to let the App authenticate the user using OAuth authentication mechanism and display it in the companion app to help you identify connected account.
  • Data associated with Google Calendar
    • list of user’s calendars (id and name of the calendar) – to let you pick one in Account as well as display the name of the calendar
    • add the appointments events on the selected calendar (event title, day, start and end time of each event as well as notification time) to notify you about upcoming events according to notification settings.
    • update the appointments event on the selected calendar (day, start and end time of each events that is update in service by providers or clients),
    • delete the appointments event on the selected calendar (event title, day, start and end time of each even)

How We Store Your Data

Data is add in Google Calendar via secure SSL connection. The data is not stored to device’s persistent storage. The data does not leave your device. The data is immediately lost if LaMetric Smart Device gets powered off or user stops and deletes the App.

How We Handle Your Data

The data will not be transferred to others. The App will not use this Google data for serving advertisements. The App will not allow humans to read your data.

Revoke Access

If you decide to revoke access of the App to your Google Account you may use “3rd Party Access” page of your Google Account located at

Or you can Revoke access by the Revoce Access Button in the Provider Account located at after the login step.

All notices required to be made to CePoSS Società Cooperativa Sociale pursuant to this Policy may be made in writing to [email protected] . Alternatively, you can send written requests by regular mail to the following address: Via Dei Poli 5, 30174 – Venezia Italia è benessere psicologico